Banana boom and bust as climate changes
For bananas and plantains, climate change may significantly alter both yields as well as vulnerability to diseases, which would affect the food security and incomes of millions of ...

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"Agricultural intensification alone is not enough" says UK Science Chief
Climate-smart agriculture can achieve triple wins (co-benefits): adaptation, mitigation and food security, said UK Science Chief Sir John Beddington in a recent speech to policy ma...

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Overhauling crop-climate models for food security
In order to adequately adapt agriculture to a changing climate, scientists need good estimates of how much food we can grow in a warming world. But many of the current crop-climate...

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Defending a vegetable farm against drought
His name is written “Naakpi” and pronounced “Naakwi”, that we understood fast. But it took us much longer to comprehend why Naakpi looked so tired, and walk...

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Act now for farmers’ futures
A former coffee farmer who has switched to production of plantain due to the effects of climate change in Colombia. Pic by Neil Palmer (CIAT).

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In India, a surge in interest to make agriculture climate-smart
Business leaders, state governments, take action to safeguard food supply in a changing climate, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Scaling up the "farms of the future" approach
A collaboration among regional research institutes and National Agricultural Research Systems establishes strong partnership for upscaling the “farms of the future” app...

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